Book Reviews

Rita Reviews:

What’s in the Clouds is a great book for kids. Parents and teachers alike can use it to teach them simple animals shapes or even better allow kids to use their imaginations and create their very own clouds out of cotton balls or simply drawing them on paper. The book reminded of the all the times I spent laying in the yard looking at the clouds with my siblings and telling the shapes that we saw in them.”

Fran Lewis:

“What’s in the Clouds is a great way to teach the names of simple animals, reading these important sight words, creating their own book of clouds and animals and just understanding the power of your imagination. Teachers can have children create their own clouds out of cotton or just draw them using a white crayon or chalk on blue paper and create their own story for our narrator. Great story and cute pictures that every child will definitely enjoy reading. Great book even for children that cannot read they can make up the story and understand it just reading the pictures. As an educator you can really do a lot with this and it lends it itself to starting a unit on clouds.”

Susan Heim:

“In this book, Mr. Twizzlepip (a mustachioed man in a bowler and bow tie) encourages kids to look into the clouds and find fun things! Can they figure out what Mr. Twizzlepip is seeing in the clouds? He sees a horse, a fish, a frog and much more! After reading this book, parents and kids can have fun going outdoors and looking for more things in the clouds! This book is a fun way to introduce this game of wonder to children.”

Paula Phillips:

“Writer and Illustrator Trent B. Dean has produced a book aimed at toddlers between the ages of 3-6 yrs old , talking about what’s in the clouds ? Filled with animation words , rhyme and bright colourful pictures , this is one book that children will love as you can easily find ways to interact with them as you flit from page to page.”

Martin Gibbs:

“This is the first children’s book I have reviewed. Having two boys, I have read to them a fair share of books, so I do have some experience. What’s in the Clouds is a great book to read to your young one, as soon as they are old enough to sit upright and pay attention for a few minutes. The pictures are bright, not too busy, the words large, and there is sufficient spacing.”